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Train with Kyle

A membership site to improve your fitness, health and lifestyle. Follow along with doctor of physical therapy and strength coach, Kyle Sela, as he guides you towards your best self. 

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Movement Mentorship Series

Learning to squat is a great way to begin your journey towards improving strength, confidence and resistance to injury. Learn not only how, but why to squat with impeccable form

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Press On - An Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) Community

This is a community and educational group for those living with Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) who have a strong desire to maintain their quality of life.

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Improving Others

Are you a movement professional? We have courses designed to improve your ability to assess, progress, test and communicate with your patients or clients. Many of our courses are approved for Continuing Education Credits

Improve Youself

These courses are designed to improve your own knowledge base. Optimize the way you move, perform, feel and look. 

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