The Journey Back Starts Now

You've torn your ACL. Learn what to do next.

The time between ACL injury and surgery can be very important to your overall recovery. Learn exactly what you should do and where your focus should be prior to ACL reconstruction surgery.


"Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Getting back to everything you used to do is going to take work and it starts before surgery. This ACL Pre-hab guide helped teach me exactly what to do before surgery and why" - Amy H. 


Dr. Kyle Sela is a physical therapist with board certifications in both orthopedic and sports medicine. He completed a sports medicine fellowship at Duke University and was an active duty physical therapist in the US Army for 7 years. Dr. Sela treats ACL patients every day and brings that experience to you in this ACL Pre-hab Guide.

Watch this sample video from the ACL Pre-hab program!

The ACL Pre-hab guide course is supplemented with video, text and supporting documents to help you along the way. This video is a taste of what you will get access to.

Learn what you SHOULD do before surgery

This guide gives you specific goals to try to achieve prior to surgery. 

There are aspects of knee function that your surgeon would prefer you achieve prior to surgery. 

Learn what to do and how to do it.

What you SHOULDN'T do?

There are certain things you should try to avoid after injury as well. 

Learn the things that could lead to a harder recovery after surgery. 

Ask questions along the way

You're going to have questions along your pre-hab time period. A great benefit of this guide is that you can ask questions from an expert in ACL rehab and you can see what questions others had as well. 

"My health insurance only covered 20 physical therapy visits in a year. This ACL Pre-hab guide allowed my to save a few of those before-surgery PT appointments for after surgery. I also learned how to pick the best physical therapist in my area" - John S.

It's time to start moving forward

Get your knee optimized for surgery. Learn how to prepare for life after surgery. Find out how to chose the best physical therapist in your area. The ability to ask questions from an expert along the way.

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