Booty, Booty, Booty!

Squats can help build a strong butt! Strong butts look great! But most people don't squat in a way that will actually fully develop their glutes. 

Most people do not squat very well during exercise. Whether they are trying to develop strong hips or thighs, how you squat matters.

Why does this matter?

Improving the way you squat and move can improve your strength and decrease the chance of getting hurt. It allows you to work towards your potential and not towards an injury.

Result: More effective & intense workouts with less pain & injury

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In this online course you will learn

the importance of why squatting correctly leads to better performance in the gym and with workouts, but also how it protects you from injury. 

You will learn how to position your feet, what your stance should look like, where your knees should be placed, how to protect your lower back and how to do all this with many different squat variations.

It sounds complicated but this course makes it very simple. Start properly implementing one of the best functional movements there exists, today. 


Stop guessing if you're doing it right

After this course you will be so confident in your abilities to squat correctly you'll want to correct your friends and family.

Unlock your potential to get strong for life!

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Knowledge is power. Understand your body and how it moves like never before. Use that knowledge to unlock your potential, decrease pain and point your workouts towards improved fitness and away from injury.

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