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There is a ton of misinformation out there in the worlds of health and fitness. The truth is there is no easy way to become (or stay) fit and healthy. You may already but putting in the effort or perhaps you're gearing up to do so. Make sure that energy is applied to a program and lifestyle that is sustainable, healthy, safe, and also HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. 

Kyle is a physical therapist board certified in orthopedics and sports medicine as well as a strength and conditioning coach. He is a leader in these fields and his education and experiences have led to the program that he now uses for himself. The "Train with Kyle" membership is your chance to follow along with a trusted source. 

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Workout Videos & Programming to Follow 

Kyle has a systematic approach to how he trains. Now you can follow along and do just as he does or use it for ideas to create your own workout. Long term, sustainable health and fitness is the goal. Challenging yet intelligent fitness programming.

Need Some Help in Choosing Appropriate Foods to Match Your Goals? 

Like you, Kyle wants to both feel and look good. Having the energy to crush a workout, play with his kids, hike in the mountains and work a full day is imperative. He also wants to be lean and keep muscle mass too. While his diet is not perfect Kyle has found a great balance with his nutrition to have fun, workout hard, and stay at a low body fat percentage. Members get access to some of these, meals recipes and ideas around day to day eating. 

Resources for Success

Membership also includes exclusive access to resources that Kyle uses himself and prescribes to clients and patients. From supplement advice, to injury prevention exercises, to Mobility Flow sessions, to a video exercise library, the Train with Kyle "Resources" section is where to find it all. 

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